I thought long and hard what kind of biography I would write, should I include a blurb about my style, experience, favorite kind of photograph? Naw, why rehash what you can see in the galleries!

My photographs have received many words of praise; the most important of these would be the ones I get about my three kids, who I absolutely love!  Outside of the photography world, I can be often found hiking our wonderful trails, roaming the local streets finding something unique to capture and playing with our other four kids (3 cats & one dog...yes, we must be crazy).

Of course I love the normal things – chocolate, family movie night, pistachios (ever try the salt & peppered version…yummmm), a great cup of coffee and one of my favorite things; taking my oldest daughter out for Sunday Breakfast because everyone else in the family is still asleep!

About my gear, let’s just say it’s all professional gear but I love figuring out DIY options for my personal projects. It’s really amazing what you can do when you set your mind to it!

Want more information, simply ask!